Going to the Dentist and Personal Tooth Care

The teeth in a person’s mouth will always need proper care so that they can remain healthy and strong, and if a person’s teeth suffer issues such as cavities, rot, damage, or growing in awkwardly, this can create discomfort or even pain and inconvenience when eating or talking, so a person may want to have a regular dentist they can visit in case anything goes wrong with their teeth. Americans should have a regular dentist anyway so that they can get routine cleanings and inspections done, and this can help keep the teeth looking good and help dentists find early signs of trouble with their patients’ teeth before the issues become more serious. Tooth extractions, root canals, implants, and dentures can all be had at a dentist’s office if need be, and this can fix a problem with a patient’s teeth and restore dental health with professional care.

The Dentist’s Office

Dentistry ranks as among the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions in the United States today, and many Americans have a regular dentist they visit for cleaning or for more dedicated procedures. Dentists’ offices may include a staff of dental assistants, highly motivated apprentices who are recent dental school graduates or current students looking for hands-on experience, and many of these dental assistants consider this a lucrative career and not just a job. Many Americans also have a dentist for their kids, and kids can have their own teeth cleaned and looked over, and some products such as braces or crown sealant may be used to protect the teeth from harm or bad alignment.

What can be expected for the teeth at a dentist’s office? Routine cleaning is simple and common, but more dedicated procedures might be done for a number of reasons. Root canals may be done, for example. Many Americans fear this procedure, and surveys show taht 67% of American adults fear the pain of such a procedure, but in fact root canals are among the least painful dental procedures. If the pulp inside a tooth is damaged and infected, the dentist will remove it, which has minimal lasting effects aside from the tooth’s numbness to hot or cold and the tooth becoming slightly more fragile. Dental implants such as new crowns or fillings are also common; nearly three million Americans have them, and about 500,000 people get them every year. On top of that, tooth extractions may be done if emerging wisdom teeth threaten to crowd the existing teeth, and tooth crowding can be a hassle to deal with once it happens. Heavily damaged and infected teeth might be extracted as well, to prevent swelling and to contain infection. If crowding does present, an adult may get clear plastic retainers to help re-align the teeth to normal function.

Tooth Care

American adults and children alike can take many steps to help prevent damage to their teeth. The simplest and most common route is to be diligent about brushing teeth after every meal with a good toothbrush and toothpaste, and the bristles should scrub every surface on the teeth that can be reached. This removes harmful bacteria and the plaque that they create, and this will also remove the food-based sugars that these bacteria feed upon. And for food particles found deep between the teeth, floss can be helpful, and mouthwash can be used after brushing to clear away any remaining bacteria and freshen the breath as a bonus.

Kids and adults alike should also avoid harmful behavior with their teeth such as chewing on hard items like ice cubes, which can crack the enamel, and anyone playing sports is urged to use a mouth guard to protect the teeth from physical trauma that could chip them or even knock them loose. Adults are urged to refrain from using tobacco products such as cigarettes or chewing tobacco, which can discolor the teeth as well as cause gum problems, and teeth may even fall out. Mouth cancer is another threat when someone uses a lot of tobacco products.

Those interested can also use tooth whitening products or services for the cosmetics of their teeth. Bad teeth can hamper a person’s social standing or performance at a job interview, so fixing that can be helpful.

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