Are You Finally Considering Getting Dental Implants?

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Living in a mobile home, the house had two doors. One at the front and one near the back.
It was the front door the young girl used when she raced across the street to the football field to practice her baton twirling. The childhood baton twirling that later lead to the adult decision to investigate dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry options. The baton did not belong to the young girl, however, and that was the initial problem. When the beginning twirler threw the baton so high that she momentarily lost it in the sun, it unexpectedly came down and landed on her right front tooth.
Chipping off the inside corner, the now adult twirler has a memory of that was the sharpest edge she ever felt. In fact, she remembered fearing that the sharpness could possibly slice her tongue. The fear of a bloody tongue, however, was the least of her worries at the time. Before long the girl realized that she had not only chipped her tooth, she had also dented her sister’s baton. The baton she was forbidden to use.
It is difficult to remember if that baton was a birthday gift or if it was a day when both sisters were able to pick a treat. One sister picked the baton and the other sister selected a less worthy, fleeting treat. Although the older sister would not ever remember what she picked for herself on that baton twirling day, she would never forget the chipped tooth. In fact, after three less satisfactory fixes that did not last very long, she was now sitting in a dental office waiting for a consultation about dental implants. Dental implants that would provide a permanent fix to the problem that had been marring her smile since that day of baton twirling.
Although she remembers nothing about the confession or the dentist visit to repair the chip, the dent in the baton is a story that is never forgotten. Hopefully with successful dental implants, though, the dent to your smile would disappear in everyone’s memory.
Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Can Improve Both Smiles and Oral Health
Whether you are looking for a cosmetic fix to restore worn or short teeth or you are ready for dental implants to more permanently fix a chipped front tooth, cosmetic dentistry can help you feel much better about your appearance. Everyone knows that the way you feel about yourself affects your attitude, and your attitude can affect how others react to you. The decision to improve the look of your teeth is a decision to take control of the first impression that you make.
Decades ago a trip to the dentist office was a visit that simply addressed yearly dental hygiene tasks or an emergency visit to alleviate the pain caused by tooth decay or nerve damage. Today, however, as Americans live much longer lives they are often in search of ways to improve and extend the look and health of their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry offices can provide a variety of services that will improve your appearance and make your bite more efficient. While some patients merely look to find a way toward brighter teeth, other patients are looking for procedures that close spaces, and restore worn or short teeth.
In some cases, dental implants and other efforts to reshape your teeth can actually be covered by insurance. If, for instance, the cosmetic dentistry will also improve your bite or extend the life of your other teeth, some procedures will be at least partially covered. Teeth whitening systems, however, are not usually covered by insurance plans. The can often be paid for, though, out of pretax health savings account.
What does your smile tell the world? Does your first impression include a set of white well cared for teeth, or are you ashamed of your smile? Although many Americans make normal dental visits about of their health routine, an increasing number are also looking to dentistry offices for cosmetic improvements as well. If you are not happy with your smile, your bite, or your chipped and discolored tooth, it might be time to visit a cosmetic dentist. Are you ready to do what it takes to look your very best?

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