Why Your Dental Health is Bigger Than Your Morning Routine

General dentistry

The Importance of Good Dental Health

Teeth are an important part of the body. One of the worst pains is having to deal with tooth and mouth pain. There are reasons that so many people have fears of the dentist. We have all heard since we have been children that the most important thing is to make sure that we brush our teeth twice a day and floss regularly. It is important that to also keep in mind that there are other factors other than brushing your teeth and flossing regularly. In many ways your diet can have as much of an effect as your dental habits.

Cut Out Sodas and Other Sugary Beverages

One of the Worst Things you can do to your teeth is drink sugary and carbonated beverages. Many people assume that regular brushing counteracts the effects of these drinks, but the truth is that many of these sodas have already done the damage before you brush. Even if you were to brush your teeth right after drinking sugary sodas it could still be detrimental to your dental health. According to dentists, brushing right after meals is actually when your enamel is more sensitive, in effect you could be damaging your enamel. Sugary sodas have no real health benefits are are easily replaced with naturally sweetened or unsweetened beverages.

Chewing Sugar Free Gum is Good for Your Teeth

Since primary school you probably heard from your teachers that chewing gum is bad, but now as an adult you can tell them that they are wrong. Studies have shown that chewing sugar free gum can actually help keep your teeth strong by reducing acid levels in your mouth. Many sugar free gums also have xylitol which can help harden your enamel as well. Chewing gum in between brushing is a good way not to only have fresher breath, but better dental health.

Dealing With Failing or Missing Teeth

Sometimes proper dental care isn’t enough. The truth is that even with good dental care many people might be in the difficult situation of having to deal with failing or rotten teeth. In many ways good dental health is something that has as much to do with dental hygiene, regular visits to the dentist and also, something that many people may not know, genetics. If you have a family history of failing teeth, you may need to consider the possibility that at some point in your life you may have to deal with finding ways to be able to continue enjoying your eating your favorite foods. Luckily there have been many advances in cosmetic dentistry that can help you maintain your confidence and the function of your teeth.

Advantage of Dental Implants over Dentures

We have all heard the stories about our founding father George Washington famously having wooden teeth. Back in the days before municipal water fluoridation and other general dentistry advances, missing teeth were a very common occurrence. Now days there is no reason to have to deal with the pain of missing or failing teeth. The most common and recognizable solutions for fixing missing teeth are dentures and crowns. While dentures are still very popular for economical reasons as well as other aesthetic reasons, there are several different choices that have a more natural appearance and less maintenance. Dental implants are a way for those that have missing or failing to teeth to regain function while maintaining the same look of normal teeth. Not too long ago the only option for for those with missing or failing teeth was to go to a dentist and be fitted for dentures. One of the biggest advantages of dental implants as opposed to dentures is that dental implants are fastened firmly into place, which means that there is no awkward moments of dentures coming loose or having to worry about losing them. Dental implants also have the advantage of not having to be removed to be cleaned, they can be brushed like normal.

As always make sure to consult a dentist before making any changes

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