Choosing a New Dentist After a Long Break

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The dentist is probably the one medical provider that people put off the most. It tends to be the scariest and is often associated with pain and discomfort. In fact, many people have poor experiences and memories of previous dental visits. Although the dentist may be intimidating, dental procedures are less painful and less surgical than ever before. Regular dental care is important for overall health. If it has been months, or even years, since your last dental visit, the following suggestions can help you choose a new dentist that you are comfortable with.


Today, the internet is a great tool for locating local vendors and medical providers. The great thing about choosing a dentist this way is that you can read reviews from previous and current patients. You can learn the pros and the cons of the dental office, without ever stepping foot into it. You can also quickly research what types of insurance and payment are accepted. Additionally, most dental practices have easy scheduling or consultation forms on their internet webpage.


When someone is satisfied with their medical provider, they tend to praise them to anyone who will listen. Pay attention to your friends, family, and coworkers referrals of local dental offices. If they were satisfied to leave a good review, it speaks volumes for the dentist, as most people do not leave reviews on a business, unless they are extremely dissatisfied.

Referrals are also helpful for specific dental procedures. While one dentist may excel at dental implants, they may not have much experience with emergency dentist procedures. If you are looking for a specific dental procedure recommendation, request referrals from friends in the area that have had similar dental procedures completed. Wisdom teeth removal, for example, is an outpatient procedure performed on 5 million Americans each year. A friend that recently had their wisdom teeth removed can give you better advice than anyone on local dentists.

Insurance provider

Most people who carry health insurance also have some form of dental insurance as well. They tend to be combined into one insurance plan. If you are unsure of the specific dentists that your insurance covers, you can request this information from your insurance provider. It can also be helpful to go over your dental insurance plan to understand exactly what is covered and what is not. Affordable dentures Angola IN may be covered, for example, however, you might be required to go to a specified dentist for the affordable dentures.

Your insurance provider can also inform you on any dental maintenance requirements. Some providers may require you to have regular cleanings and checkups in order to receive compensation for any major dental work. The average time people wait for another dental appointment is three years. If a dental emergency occurs during this time, you may not be covered.

Trial and error

Perhaps the best way to find a dentist that you are most comfortable with is trial and error. Most dental offices will offer free consultations. This allows you to meet with the dentist, the dental staff, and to receive consultation on what is needed to improve your dental situation. You may find that different dental practices have different recommendations. Getting a second opinion can help you decide which dental treatments are best for you. You can also learn about the different offices and the types of comfort they provide.

Approximately 32% of people say they are concerned by the look of their teeth. Many people put off dental care out of fear and weariness of finding a new dentist. Modern dental procedures are less invasive and have quicker recovery times. Look to friends and family for recommendations, do your own research, consult with your insurance provider, and take advantage of free consultations at local dental offices to find the dental provider that you are most comfortable with for a healthier smile.

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