Will It Ever Be Possible To Grow Teeth?

Dental prosthesis

CoExist.com raises an exciting prospect: “One day, when you need a new tooth, you might grow one in a lab.” Scientists all over the world are currently experimenting with regenerating rodent teeth. Someday, they hope these experiments will ultimately render them able to replicate a full mouth of genuine human teeth. Right now, though, this day is still pretty far down the road. In the meantime, there are several different options and types of dentures for patients missing teeth.

What Are Full Dentures?

The term is somewhat self-explanatory. These dentures, whether they happen to be permanent dentures and/or titanium dentures, all have one thing in common: they replace an entire mouth of missing teeth. While full dentures used to require glue, more and more denturists are offering implant-supported (also called “implant-retained”) dentures. These dentures use new, implant technology to secure dentures firmly and reliably in place. Like traditional dentures, they can be removed for sleeping and cleaning.

Partial Dentures For Some Missing Teeth

Likewise, partial dentures are the most appropriate types of dentures for patients only missing some teeth. These dentures may be supported by nearby teeth, or a combination of nearby teeth and tissue. This sort of dental device is available in a number of different materials. For years, acrylic or acrylic and mental partial dentures were most common. Now, more and more denturists are favoring thermoplastic materials. These can be more flexible and durable than their acrylic counterparts — and many believe that they look better and more natural, too. If dentures are persistently bothersome, meddlesome, or uncomfortable, consult your denturist. He or she may be able to fit you with a soft liner for a more comfortable fit.

In the future, it may be possible to literally regrow teeth. Until then, patients can choose from full or partial dentures made out of and supported by a variety of different materials.

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