Some technological advancements are of… questionable value. The Snuggie… Handerpants… C-SPAN… Congress in general… But for all the misses in progress, there are numerous hits, and dental implants are right on the mark.Time was, your only choice for full-mouth tooth replacement were clunky, unwieldy, uncomfortable, adhesive-bound dentures. They required frequentContinue Reading

You may visit the dentist occasionally, but how much do you really know about their practice? Here are three things you may not have known about American dentistry: 1. The Dental Care Industry is Way Bigger Than You Might Expect Most Americans only visit the dentist once a year, andContinue Reading

Permanent teeth can be lost to tooth decay, injuries, or accidents. Missing teeth results in the shifting of nearby teeth, loss of underlying jawbone, changes in speech, difficulty in chewing, and possible alteration of facial structure. If you have missing teeth, consult a local cosmetic dentist for more information regardingContinue Reading