The Top Three Surprising Facts You May Not Have Picked Up About the Dental Industry

Affordable cosmetic dentistry

You may visit the dentist occasionally, but how much do you really know about their practice? Here are three things you may not have known about American dentistry:

1. The Dental Care Industry is Way Bigger Than You Might Expect

Most Americans only visit the dentist once a year, and that visit may not even culminate in any serious dental work. You may think, based on that, that the dental industry isn’t that lucrative, but that assumption is very wrong. In fact, affordable cosmetic dentistry is a booming business. Americans are spending over one hundred billion dollars each year on dental care such as affordable cosmetic dentistry.

2. Most of That Revenue is Going to One Simple Procedure

The best cosmetic dentists are employed for a lot of different procedures, but the big one is teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentists can perform surgery to give people dental implants for missing teeth; compared to that, teeth whitening seems trivial, but nonetheless teeth whitening is the most popular affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure in America. A great deal of that one hundred billion is going toward giving people brighter smiles. Perhaps it’s worth it, because…

3. Teeth Whitening Really Works

Teeth whitening may seem trivial to some, but if you pay to have a professional take care of it, you definitely get results. Professional teeth whitening can brighten one’s teeth by up to ten shades, which is a serious improvement. Lots of people think that a brighter smile helps with love and careers, so this is a great investment on the future. What do you think about teeth whitening? Visit here for more information:

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