When Technological Advancement Goes Good

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Some technological advancements are of… questionable value. The Snuggie… Handerpants… C-SPAN… Congress in general… But for all the misses in progress, there are numerous hits, and dental implants are right on the mark.

Time was, your only choice for full-mouth tooth replacement were clunky, unwieldy, uncomfortable, adhesive-bound dentures. They required frequent adjustment, nightly soaking, and could never be guaranteed not to slip out place at the most embarrassing possible time. And in their day, they were the height of dental technology!

Thankfully, today we have a better choice. Entire sets of upper or lower teeth (as well as individual teeth and dental partials) can be fixed all in four implants, which sit securely in the jawbone and act like natural roots. They provide a rock-solid foundation for replacement crowns, given the patient the look, feel, and functionality of real-life, honest-to-gosh teeth.

Not only that, but the implants have gotten smaller. Mini-implants now exist that vastly increase the possibilities when it comes to placement. One of the biggest limiting factors in traditional implant surgery is the strength and width of the jawbone. But mini-implants, simply by virtue of their smaller size, make it possible to place more implants successfully without the need for augmentation through bone grafts.

And not only that (!!!), but computer-guided implant surgery makes implant placement even more secure and certain, all but eliminating the need for lengthy healing times, readjustments, and replacement due to failed implants.

In fact, with so many advancements in dental implant technology, it’s now possible to get your dentures in a day. That’s right: Dentures in a day! You can walk into your appointment, have your surgery, and walk out the same day with a set of brand new, fully functional, beautiful looking dentures.

Not every inch of technological advancement is well-gained (I’m looking at you, Pizza Scissors). But the ability to get your dentures in a day — a single day — easily ranks up at the top of the list of Improvements That Are So Worth It It’s Not Even Funny. Check out this website for more.

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