Do We Really Need to Brush Our Teeth?

Watch this video to learn why brushing teeth is vital for dental and general health. Brushing teeth is one of the most assumed yet necessary activities of daily living. Most people don’t understand its value and the importance of this exercise. Others do it when they feel like creating a pattern of irregularity, more so among kids.

Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening cleans your mouth, which improves your oral hygiene.

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Your teeth will feel smooth after brushing. Besides, it eliminates the unpleasant breath and taste inside your mouth. Food particles stick to your teeth and harden to form plaque which then causes decay. You must brush regularly to remove all the food particles for healthy teeth. Removing the food particles also removes the environment where harmful bacteria stay as they feed and release acids which eat away the enamel, causing decay. The bacteria also cause swollen and bleeding gums, commonly known as periodontal disease. The fluoride in toothpaste strengthens the tooth enamel as you brush which hardens your teeth and maintains their whiteness. In a nutshell, it is necessary to eliminate bad breath, maintain hygiene, and avoid diseases and costly teeth treatment interventions like crowns and root canals. It is also the best way of providing dental care for kids of all ages.

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