10 Life Hacks for Braces

Getting braces is the most efficient approach to achieving a perfect smile. There are plenty of options available in acquiring the best braces to fit your unique needs and budget, ranging from metallic, ceramic, or transparent ones. However, they require significant maintenance, which is where these ten life hacks for braces will come in handy.

Your mouth will be uncomfortable for the first few days after getting braces.

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Rinsing your mouth with salty water will ease discomfort and pain since salt has antibacterial qualities that aid in preventing bacteria and plaque formation on the teeth. Applying wax will also help relieve pain until you can see your dentist. They typically administer the wax after the treatment to assist if such a circumstance happens.

Bringing a travel kit with you is also essential. It should include basic oral care supplies like a toothbrush, compact mirror, interdental brush, orthodontic wax, and extra rubber bands if you’re using them as part of your treatment. Water flossers are popular among brace patients, especially after eating, when food sticks to the braces. Though you will still need to floss the traditional way, the stream of water can assist release food particles fast and efficiently.

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