Teeth Whitening Guide

Are your teeth a dull yellow color? Does this make you uncomfortable with your own smile? If so, it is time to change that. Though teeth whitening does not happen overnight, teeth whitening does not need to be difficult either. There are some simple ways that you can turn those yellow teeth into a beautiful white smile at home. In this video, you will learn how. These tricks will even work for dentures too!

You may have seen people using special lighting devices online to whiten their teeth. However, these devices have not actually been proven to make your teeth any whiter.

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In fact, studies found that patients that used the lights did not see any difference after one week. Therefore, stay clear of myths like this from the beginning. This will save you precious time and money.

If you want something that really works, consider custom peroxide trays. You will be sent a molding kit in the mail. With this kit, easy step by step instructions will show you how to make a mold of your teeth. You will then send this mold back so that the dentists can make you a custom tray. The tray that is sent to you will perfectly fit around your teeth. This will allow the peroxide to penetrate every area so that it can do its job. The peroxide will then whiten your teeth over time.


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