The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants


If you have a missing tooth, consider having a tooth implant. It’s a device that’s inserted into your jawbone and does an effective job of replacing your missing tooth. The device is custom-made and mimics a real tooth, so nobody can tell the difference. Are dental implants real teeth? Since the implant resembles a natural tooth, people can mistake it to be a real tooth, but implants aren’t real teeth, and the parts are made of artificial material.

The anatomy of a dental implant consists of three parts – the implant which goes into the jawbone, the connecting piece known as the abutment, and the crown, which looks like a tooth. The abutment connects the crown and the implant. Are dental implants right for me? Your prosthodontist will assess the condition of your gums and jaws and consider your overall health before recommending implants.

A dental implant crown procedure is where the crown is attached to the abutment. The implant, which is placed first, should be allowed to fuse with the jawbone. The abutment is attached and once the area has healed, the crown is connected to it. Implants are a fantastic option to replace missing teeth. Book an appointment with a prosthodontist to see if you’re a suitable candidate.

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