Missing Teeth? Need Dentures? Learn More About Your Options

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While Americans do care about their teeth and how they look, many people across the United States are missing at least a few teeth. Nearly all Americans say that having a good looking smile is important for social success. About 99.7% of people in the United States have said this. Nearly three-quarters of us think that a bad looking smile can hurt someone’s career. Yet, millions of people across the country are missing teeth. The good news is that there are many options for tooth replacement. If you are looking for dentures, there are several types of dentures available.

The Different Types of Dentures:


When people talk about partial dentures, they are usually talking about the kind of dentures that can be removed. These make them different from bridges, which are sometimes referred to as partial fixed dentures. A person who is thinking about getting partial dentures made needs to have any and all other dental work they need completed. Oftentimes, people who are missing some teeth may need fillings done or gum work finished. Dentists recommend that all work be done so that the dentures will fit better. There are times when the teeth that will hold the partial dentures in place need to be adjusted to make the whole thing work better.

Partial dentures are have either an acrylic (plastic) or metal base. The crown that is the replacement teeth, is made of either porcelain or acrylic. To keep the dentures secure, the base often has clasps that are made of metal.

When you are looking at different types of dentures, you have to consider what they are made of. Every material that is used for partial dentures has its own pros and cons that come along with it. When partial dentures are made of metal, they are stronger than plastic ones. They can also be made to be thinner and smaller. They also tend to be more hygienic and tolerable. These do not need to be made to cover as much of the mouth. One big drawback is the price. If financing dental care is a concern, partial dentures made of metal may be a problem.

The plastid partials are much easier to make and less expensive. If they are not cleaned or designed correctly, they can do some real damage to the guns around the natural teeth that are left. They are good to use for temporary dentures. Advancements in plastic dentures include newer flexible dentures that work well for some people.


If someone is missing all of their teeth, they will need new dentures for their entire mouth. These are called complete dentures. These types of dentures are most often made from acrylic (plastic). These dentures are placed directly on the gums. Typically, most people will find that complete upper dentures are more stable than dentures to replace the lower teeth. It is easier to create the suction dentures need for upper teeth. The tongue makes this kind of suction impossible for dentures used to replace the lower teeth.


When a person has a tooth or more than one tooth removed, the dentist will fit immediate dentures to replace what has been extracted. These are placed on a temporary basis. The reason they are used it so allow a person to have temporary teeth while their gums heal from the extraction. The healing process can take a while and the process of creating permanent dentures is not always as quick as people want it to be so it is good to have the temporary teeth in the interim. It is very easy to remove them when the permanent dentures are done and the gums are healed.

Dentures are not the only options for the replacement of missing teeth. More and more people are turning to dental implants because they are the closest thing to natural teeth available today. Dental implants are also very successful. The success rate for this kind of tooth replacement is about 98%. These are becoming so popular and the benefits so well known that dental insurance carriers may start covering them.

Whether you go for any of the types of dentures or dental implants, if you are missing teeth, you have options.


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