3 Reasons You Might Need a 24 Hour Dentist

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Teeth are one of the most cosmetically important aspects of the human body. According to recent estimates, 75% of people feel an unattractive smile could potentially harm their chance for career success and overall Americans spend around $1.4 billion on tooth whitening products and procedures each year. Keeping clean clean and safe is big business and there are a variety of different dentists out there to deal with it all.

Pediatric dentists focus on kids, cosmetic dentists usually tackle procedures that are purely for that purpose, general dentists are the ones the majority of people will see on a regular basis for cleanings and such. One of the specific types of dentists that’s become increasingly popular in recent times is that of the 24 hour dentist. These emergency dentists are available at virtually any time of the day/night to treat patients.

Here are three reasons you might need a 24 hour dentist in your life.

  1. Knocked Out Tooth: One of the most common issues you might need a 24 hour dentist for is an accidental/traumatic incident in which one or multiple teeth are knocked out of your mouth. In these scenarios you might require dental veneers or some other form of replacement tooth, but it’s important to get to medical attention soon after, which is why a dentist who’s open at all hours of the night is important.
  2. Bleeding Gums: Bleeding gums can be the result of a variety of different conditions and diseases, sometimes very insignificant and other times potentially serious. In the event of excessive gum bleeding it’s best to seek professional help. A 24 hour dentist would be perfect if this happens to you in the middle of the night/when most dentists aren’t open. If all else fails, make a trip to your closest medical emergency room if the bleeding is severe and not stopping.
  3. Non-Traditional Schedule: It doesn’t necessarily have to be a traumatic/serious issue for you to benefit from a 24 hour dentist. There are many people in this country that work non-traditional hours for work/school and simply can’t make it to a dentist during normal hours. For these foks the convenience of having a dentists available at any time is crucial so they don’t have to take time off work etc.

Dentists are an integral part of the American society and just like any other medical profession, emergencies/instances of need aren’t restricted to normal business hours. That’s when 24 hour dentists can be a huge benefit.

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