Portable Dental Equipment Provides Small Offices with Flexibility

Dental digital imaging

It is difficult to compare the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth after a dental appointment to anything else. For many, it is a feeling that takes them back to the excitement of the very first childhood appointments when they were young. The response to the question, “What flavor do you like?” would dictate how the appointment began. The goopy super sweet jel would be squirted into the forms for your upper and lower teeth and those forms would be placed in your mouth. The explosion of sweetness as you bit down as instructed is, for many, the memory associated with childhood visits to the dentist.
Dental Visits Are Important Health Checks for Children and Adults Alike
Whether you have fond memories of the sweet goopy gel that used to be a part of dental checkups and cleanings, or whether you are filled with anxiety, comfort level should not determine if you keep your appointments. Dental health is a key part to a person’s overall health.
While adults with no cavities do well only seeing a dentist once a year, dentists recommend that other patients who tend to be more prone to dental problems go twice a year. People with the highest risk of dental disease may be asked to return for appointments every three to four months.
Dental Offices Are Expensive to Set Up
New dental graduates know to expect a $500,000 investment for structural modifications, equipment, and supplies when they open a new office. One way that some new offices find to save some money on these set up costs is to purchase used portable dental equipment from other offices. Portable dental equipment allows the flexibility of remodeling dental spaces to accommodate future growth.
Purchasing a used dental chair, for example, can help new offices save a little bit of money that can instead be invested in the latest dental digital imaging equipment or dental nitrous oxide systems. While many pieces of dental office equipment needs to be the most current model to attract customers, dental chairs are a furniture option that are often available used.
The bottom line is, while every new business owner wants to have the a new shiny office to present to their customers, purchasing new equipment can be expensive. Considering options for used pieces of furniture and equipment can be the first step toward cost savings and a quicker return on investment (ROI). Even though dentists enter their profession with a focus on caring for patients, ignoring sensible business practices can be a costly mistake. The most successful dental practices are a perfect combination of great patient care, reliable and qualified staff, and sensible office practices like considering used furniture and other portable dental equipment.
The World Knows the Value of a Great Smile
The best thing a new dental office has going for it is the fact that many people in the world understand the importance of an attractive smile. In fact, 96% of adults believe an attractive smile can make a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex. Conversely, 74% of Americans think that a bad smile can have a negative effect on careers.
With these statistics in mind, it is confusing to understand why so many of the youngest patients do not even see a dental office until they start kindergarten. The latest statistics indicate that 25% of children fall into this category that do not visit the dentist until they are ready to attend kindergarten classrooms. Although a confusing statistic, this explains why more than a third of U.S. schools find it necessary to refer students for treatment of dental problems.
As America continues to be a country that works to find ways to extend health coverage to more and more citizens, perhaps number of children who have access to early dental appointments will also expand.
Dental insurance may help more patients, especially the youngest, get the proper dental care they need. An increasing number of dental patients with insurance coverage, however, can also meant future dentists will need to continue to consider portable dental equipment and other cost saving measures. More patients mean more business, but insurance often dictates the prices that can be charged so saving on set up costs will be crucial.

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