Why You May Want to Consider Getting Dental Implants

Got a missing tooth? Look into a dental procedure called a tooth implant, better known as a dental implant. This is made to look and feel like a real tooth and is a permanent replacement. Missing teeth can cause issues such as bone deterioration, speech problems, shifting teeth, irregular bites, and gum disease.

You may wonder ‘are dental implants as good as real teeth?’ Yes, they’re as good as your natural teeth, and even better, as they won’t get cavities. The major difference is the lack of sensitivity with an implant. You won’t feel anything if you eat something cold. Implants look exactly like the tooth they are replacing, and the color matches your natural teeth.

A dental implant anatomy shows you the different parts of an implant – the crown, abutment, and anchor. The crown is designed to look like a tooth, and the abutment connects the crown to the anchor, which is implanted into the jawbone. Dental implant anchors are surgically placed in the jawbone. Ask your prosthodontist to show you a dental implant diagram.

It’s better to replace missing teeth to avoid major problems. Consult an experienced prosthodontist and, depending on your bone and gum health, will advise you what your options are.

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Among those between the ages of 35 and 44, more than 50% are missing at least one authentic tooth. If you too are without one or more of your regular teeth, and you want cosmetic dental surgery that enables you to get permanent teeth in a day, you may want to consider going to the best cosmetic dentist who specializes in dental implants.

After all, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, dental implants are the closest to real teeth. When it comes to dentures vs implants, the former do not last as long, require more day-to-day maintenance, and simply do not feel the way authentic teeth do.

But why is this the case? A dental implant is comprised of a long-lasting titanium root, an abutment to hold the crown in place, and the crown or tooth substitute itself. It does not get removed at the end of each day, as dentures do.

Another cosmetic dental procedure that is available is the dental veneer, which consists of a thin shell placed over the front of discolored or chipped teeth in order to approve its overall appearance.

If you have more questions, comments, or suggestions about how to find the best dentist to provide you with new permanent teeth in a day, feel free to share your thoughts in the section below. More on this topic: www.bonaventuredental.com

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