Almost 100% of Adults Suffer From This Malady

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One of the most common maladies that people suffer worldwide is not some treatment resistant disease that no doctor can find a remedy for. It is not some rare and elusive virus or bacteria that has puzzled scientists for decades. It is what our mothers warned us about and might be the reason that the tooth fairy is so busy these days. Almost 100% of adults in the world suffer from tooth decay.

We’ve all heard that you should brush your teeth three times a day and after every meal, but we also know that no one actually does that. When you avoid brushing and your diet as an American is typically sugar, partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and more sugar, this can lead to tooth decay. But you aren’t the only one guilty of eating an entire can of caramel corn in bed and then dropping off to sleep to the newest episodes of Game of Thrones. If your teeth are looking a little less than perfect and you feel some cavities forming, you should visit your local dentist.

If you’ve lost teeth as a result of your bad oral hygiene, you don’t have to go around with an imperfect smile, whether your teeth have yellowed or just fallen out. Your local dentist probably offers cosmetic dentistry services as well as routine cleanings. If you’re worried about teeth whitening or dental implant costs, you may have some insurance options available.
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