Bleaching Your Gums Is it Worth it?

New york pigmented gums

Gum bleaching is a process by which the gums are lightened through cosmetic dental procedures. Bleaching gums is relatively painless with only local anesthesia. Typically the process is done through gum tissue grafting procedures that remove excess melanin from the gums. They treat the roof of the mouth and the affected tissues surrounding the teeth to achieve results. Unfortunately the common cause of hyperpigmentation (or discoloration of the gums) is your genetics. Your genetic history affects the melanin pigmentation, which is a physiological factor that determines the color of your gums and your skin and may cause a need for gum bleaching.

Almost 97% of Americans say that a nice smile is a good asset to have. Americans believe that having a bad smile can cost you a promotion or job. Gum bleaching can help with promote a nice smile. A smile is often the first thing a person notices on another person. Many Americans are unhappy with their smiles, or teeth in general, and are patients of cosmetic dental procedures such as gum bleaching, teeth whitening, dental implants, dentures, porcelain veneers and crowns.

More recently, laser gum treatments have replaced gum tissue grafting. It is a suitable alternative to gum tissue grafting. Laser gum lightening procedures can lead to faster and longer lasting results compared to standard gum treatments. One gum pigmentation treatment can last up to 20 years. These treatments can be completed in an hour and most people only require one or two sessions to see a difference in their gums.

However, discoloration of the gums can be more serious. The identifies the discoloration as a side effect of gingival cancer. Patients who have oral diseases such as cancer or fungal infections are not possible patients for gum lightening. So if you are thinking about gum bleaching, make sure to visit your dentist to see what the cause is of your hyperpigmentation.

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