The Importance of Your Smile

Salem dental implants

Almost everyone thinks a smile is important. But it’s not just common knowledge — it’s a researched fact. A survey found that over 99% of respondents feel that a smile is an “important social asset”. Which would explain the popularity of teeth whitening procedures in the U.S. ($1.4 billion worth, in fact). Or the constantly advancing field of cosmetic dental surgery, which is always evolving to keep up with demand.

In terms of cosmetic dentistry costs, basic chemical whitening is the most affordable. Procedures can be performed over a lunch break, side effects are minimal, and results are immediately apparent. However, basic whitening, whether chemical or laser-activated, is not a permanent fix. Procedures will have to repeated to maintain the effect, and perhaps even more often if you can’t give up your coffee, red wine, or cigarettes.

Veneers are a longer-lasting procedure that can be used for teeth that are not just darker or discolored, but also suffering visible decay that chemical whitening can’t hide. A thin, artificial shell is shaped and colored to match the surrounding teeth, and then attached to the surface of the decayed tooth. Veneers not only cover decay, but also protect the decayed area from further damage.

On the far end of the complexity spectrum, we find implants. Implantation is a cosmetic dental surgery whereby a titanium plug is installed as a replacement root when the natural root of a tooth is damaged or diseased beyond redemption. This procedure can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or even an entire set on either jaw.

Your dentist can listen to your concerns, examine your mouth, and recommend which procedure might benefit you the most — chemical whitening, veneers, or cosmetic implants. If your smile is as important to you (and the research says it probably is), then you owe it to yourself to investigate all the options, and make the choice that’s right for you. Visit here for more.

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