Dark Gums and Laser Treatments Cosmetic Dentistry for Gum Pigmentation Problems

Cosmetic dental procedures

Many people these days are going for cosmetic dental treatment for anything from bleaching teeth to periodontal disease treatment. Some people are going for cosmetic dentistry services to correct uneven gums or for gum disease cure. A common gum problem is dark gum pigmentation, which can be caused by genetic reasons, or can even be a side effect of gingival cancer, according to the Mayo clinic. What is gum disease must be treated by a dentist or dental surgeon, or a person can lose their teeth.

Someone with dark or uneven gums may think they have a gum disease, but pigmentation does not necessarily mean a patient has gum disease. Your gum and skin color is affected by your genetic history. Dark gums are more common is certain ethnic groups such as Africans or people of Middle Eastern Backgrounds.

What is gum disease? Any inflammation of the gums due to bacteria eroding gum tissue, and even the jaw bone. People do not realize that what is gum disease now, if left untreated can become jaw surgery later. But pigmented gums is a cosmetic problem, for many people, that can be treated in several ways. Gum pigmentation treatment can consist of gum bleaching and periodontal tissue grafting. Gum bleaching breaks down and removes the unwanted pigmentation from the gums. Tissue grafting is a surgical procedure which grafts soft tissue under the pigmented gums, and then later removes the pigmented gums tissue over the grafted tissue. But the most up to date and less invasive, less painful and longer lasting than other procedures.

Knowing what is gum disease is so important for treatment, but having a gum problem that causes you embarrassment or unhappiness is worth the cost of gum pigmentation removal.
The dentist will tell you what is gum disease, but only you know how important it is for you to have cosmetic teeth or gum surgery.

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