orthodontic advertising

In this YouTube video, My Social Practice talks about five different effective methods for orthodontic advertising. Some methods may work for specific offices and not others if the process doesn’t resonate with the practice owner.Ninety percent of customers do online research before picking an orthodontist. Video Source Without clever marketing,Continue Reading

For many kids, the dentist is the worst place to go. On the car ride over, you’re trying to come up with any excuse not to go. There’s always a little bit of pain no matter what anyone says and you never come out the other end feeling any better.Continue Reading

It takes several years of learning for one to be called a professional. It requires several years of commitment, training, intense testing, and mental health support for dentists to acquire a license and have the authority to exercise their skills. Patients visit health centers to access health care services withContinue Reading

Dental phobia is real. One way to get through it and get necessary dental work is with a sedation dentist. Here are some tips about sedation dentistry from the National Health Service of the United Kingdom. Video Source Intravenous Anesthetic Patients are knocked out with intravenous anesthetic. Contact your generalContinue Reading

Most dentists are always looking to increase the number of patients coming in for treatment. With more practices opening up, you need to stand out to get more patients coming in through your doors. Discussed below are some ways on how to attract more dental patients to your practice. HireContinue Reading

Millions of Americans suffer from dental health problems because they cannot find affordable dental care. Unfortunately, oral health is not given the same priority that physical health is given by insurance companies, even though oral health can greatly impact your physical health. Going to the dentist should not be aContinue Reading