Follow These Tips For a Healthy Smile

Proper dental care is the key to a healthy smile!

This video covers ten tips for a healthy smile. Check them out below:
1. Get a dental check-up done every six months.
2. Get a clean-up done every six to eight months.

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3. Be sure to brush, floss, use mouthwash, and clean your tongue daily.
4. Avoid tea, coffee, wine, and smoking as they are the leading causes of teeth staining.
5. Avoid foods like onions, drink water, use a tongue cleaner, and keep mouth spray nearby to get rid of bad breath.
6. It’s okay to whiten your teeth, but try to save whitening for special occasions.
7. Remember, no one will notice your crooked tooth if you smile.
8. Try regular face yoga to keep yourself from going under the knife.
9. If you’re getting married, get dental work done at least a month before to allow time for adjustments.
10. Don’t be conscious of your smile when taking pictures, you will see better results this way.

When you follow these ten tips for proper dental care, you can be sure you’ll have a healthy smile! Be sure to watch the full video for a more in-depth explanation of each dental care tip!.

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