3 Beverage Known to Stain Teeth Over Time

Teeth whitening

It’s understandable to have difficulty maintaining a perfect smile. Statistics show that 74% of adults feel that having an unattractive smile can hurt their chances at having success in the workplace. Many people find someone skilled in the field of dentistry to whiten their teeth. You’ll likely find yourself tempted by a few sweets in between visits to the dentist. It’s wise to ensure you keep up regular brushing and flossing habits if you’ve been indulging in the foods you’re about to see. Here are three beverages and one food that are all known to stain teeth over time.

  1. Wine

    Many people have known that red wine can stain almost any surface imaginable. A large number of commercials for carpet cleaners mention red wine being a huge problem because it’s a hard stain to remove. You’ll find that, over time, red wine can cause these same surface stains on the surface of teeth. Certain adults may prefer to drink white wine in order to reduce tooth damage. It’s important to note that white wine still contains acid which can cause damage to the surface of teeth.
  2. Coffee

    It’s common for everyone to prefer a sip of coffee to start their day. Coffee is a caffeinated beverage that is one of the most popular drinks throughout the world. It’s imperative that you know the tannin content is high in coffee. Tannins are known to cause discoloration to teeth. In addition, coffee is an acidic beverage. Drinking acidic beverages is known to leave small holes where additional acids seep into. It’s understandable that you would feel a little cranky without having coffee to start your day. If you’re looking to reduce the damage coffee is known to cause, drink the beverage from a cup with a small opening.
  3. Soda

    You’ve read how damaging acidic beverages are for your teeth. Soda creates the additional problem of consuming large amounts of sugar. Many in the field of dentistry warn their patients against the dangers of sugar over consumption. Sugar will create sticky surface areas on your teeth that attract harmful plaque to begin building up. Sodas are known to be beverages with some of the highest amounts of sugar on the market.
  4. Blueberries

    Many in the field of dentistry will recommend eating certain fruits. It’s true that many fruits contain high amounts of sugar which dentists don’t advise consuming in large amounts. However, fruits that are high in fiber are known to help clean the teeth. You’ll find that blueberries are a fruit that is best eaten in small amounts. These delicious fruits are known to cause bluish stains on surfaces, including your teeth.

In summary, there are several beverages and one food to avoid in order to keep teeth looking as white as possible. Statistics show that 25% of adults avoid smiling due to the appearance of their teeth. It’s recommended that you find a dentist in your area offering teeth whitening services. Nearly 83% of adults felt they’ve seen a noticeable difference in their smile after having their teeth professionally whitened by their dentist.

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