Are You Happy with Your Smile?


It was the perfect plan.
You and your father would leave by 6:00 am on Tuesday morning. Your would begin the 12 hour trip down south to visit your older daughter on her college campus in Shreveport, Louisiana. On the first day you would travel as far as Branson, Missouri, visit some relative, and attend a show. On the second day you would travel the rest of the way to Shreveport. This would give you, your daughter, and your father an full two days to visit and site see before your husband arrived on Friday morning. You were determined to let your father determine the schedule of these first days. Where ever he wanted to go, you would oblige. What ever strange tourist attraction he wanted to visit, you would agree.
Unfortunately, a mere four hours into the trip you ran into a problem. Literally, you ran into it.
When you stopped at a roadside flea market your dad spotted just an hour or so after lunch, you slipped getting out of the pickup. Still unaccustomed to the height of the seat and the running boards, you misjudged the distance to the ground. And in some strange combination of circumstances you hit your tooth on the side view mirror as you were getting yourself up off the ground and shutting the truck door. The tooth, which you had first chipped many years ago when you were a teenager, broke off and you now had a gaping hole in the front of your mouth.
Although your Dad did not understand what the fuss was about, you were self conscious and embarrassed by the broken tooth. In addition, the sharp edge kept cutting your tongue and lip. You called back home to your dentist and asked if he could recommend a cosmetic dental office that could help you get at least a temporary cap for the long weekend ahead. To satisfy your father, you had to fake some pretty significant tooth pain, but in reality, you really were more concerned about the look than the threat of any real tooth pain that might occur.
An Attractive Smile Can Make a World of Difference
Whether you are looking for a quick cosmetic fix for a weekend dental emergency or you are looking for a long term cosmetic procedure that will involve teeth straightening and other kinds of restorative dentistry, a cosmetic dentist can provide many options.
And while tooth pain can cause temporary physical discomfort, the emotional discomfort of an unattractive smile can have lasting effects. For this reason, the cosmetic dentistry industry treats symptoms beyond tooth pain and regular dental maintenance and works toward helping individuals get the kind of smile that no one is embarrassed of.
Did you know that 74% of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt their career. People who look the most attractive are often the people who get the furtherest in life. A healthy smile is, in many cases, the first thing that many people notice.
Some research goes so far as to indicate that more than 50% of the adult U.S. population surveyed over age 50 agree that a smile is the one physical feature that stays the most attractive as we age. This information provided by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry confirms that while tooth pain and regular dental visits are important considerations, so too are the cosmetic dental needs of a patient.
From teeth whitening to whole mouth porcelain veneers, our teeth can help us have more confidence and a healthier outlook on life, work, and our relationships with other people. While one in every three people say that they are concerned by the look of their teeth, close to 20% of people go so far as to say that they conceal their teeth in photos. If you are someone who is not happy with the smile that you have, it might be time to contact a cosmetic dentist to see what your options are for correcting your teeth and improving your looks. From simple treatments that can remove the stains from drinking soda to the more complicated process of braces and veneers, cosmetic dentistry can help you look your best. Both emergency treatments and planned appointments can help you improve your smile and your attitude.

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