Smile! Exceptional Pediatric Dentistry is Not Hard to Find

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Being a good parent means taking care of your kids. Moms and dads across the nation focus on good nutrition, providing healthy activities, and certainly being on top of the medical exams their children need for school. But here?s a surprising and troubling fact–the most chronic and common pediatric disease isn?t obesity or asthma. And it?s not allergy issues or diabetes, either. Tooth decay, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, tops the list.

Nearly 20% of children in America have untreated cavities, and pediatric dental problems have a huge impact. Annually, according to the Center for Health Care in Schools, American students lose more than 50 million hours in school time connected to dental health problems. Along with that, more than 33 percent of schools now find themselves referring their students to dentists. Regrettably, there?s a certainly logic to schools stepping in like this. Twenty-five percent of students have never been to a dental office prior to starting kindergarten.

Exceptional Pediatric Dentistry Needed

The first step a parent needs to take when thinking about their pre-kindergarten child?s dental needs is a simple one?call a pediatric dentist?s office (ask other parents for recommendations) and begin the conversation. Exceptional pediatric dentistry is a combination of expert care and concern, educating both the parent and the patient, and meeting the changing health needs of the child as he or she grows older.

Continuum of Dental Care

Pediatric dentists and their staff can teach young
people about proper brushing and correct flossing (only about 20% percent of people claim to floss each day) as starting points. As children grow older and begin to try sports, dentists should be thought of as members of a family?s healthcare team for injuries. More than three-quarters of dental injuries happen to one of a young person?s front teeth, according to statistics. Helmets and mouth guards can offer protection, but getting to your dentist after a mouth injury as quickly as possible can be vitally important.

Smart pediatric dental care is consistent dental care. Your child?s oral health depends on it.

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