Have You Been Flossing? Things You Should Really be Thinking About Before Heading to the Dentist

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Everyone knows the classic trip to the dentist questions: “Have you been flossing?” and “Do you brush twice a day?” Of course you answer yes to both, but are you really giving thought to other dental issues that need attention?

Nearly 178 million people in the U.S. alone are missing at least one tooth. Whether this was caused by injury or another dental issue, implants can be the solution! Recent surveys have shown that as many as 3 million adults have dental implants, a number that is growing by almost 500,000 per year. If the growing number of people with dental implants isn’t evidence enough of their success, research has shown that the success rate of cosmetic dental procedures is 98%. Dental implants are not just for people who are missing teeth, though! If a tooth requires a new crown or any type of resurfacing, implants can help. Cosmetic dentistry is an up and coming field, and issues other than missing or broken teeth can be addressed.

This year alone, almost 90% of orthodontist patients requested tooth whitening. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures because it is non-invasive, painless, and can be a huge boost in self esteem. Common causes of yellowing teeth include tobacco use, drinking dark colored liquids such as black coffee, and not taking proper care of your teeth. Of course, enamel, which is responsible for the coloration of your teeth, can wear down over time, but proper dental hygiene can preserve the state of your enamel. There are over the counter tooth whitening products, but for best results, you should visit your dentist for any form of dental procedure, cosmetic or otherwise.

Half of adults visit their dentist every six months, but what about the other half? If you’re not visiting your dentist regularly, small problems can quickly grow to become major dental issues. You could be bleeding because you don’t floss, but don’t rule out other dental issues that need to be addressed! Talk to your dentist today about preventing future issues.

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