Five Steps to Better Oral Health

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With the focus on cosmetic dental procedures and the high cosmetic dentistry cost, it almost seems like focus on basic oral care has permanently shifted to ways in which we can correct mistakes we’ve already made. If you’re concerned about your teeth, find a good dentist in your area, maybe even a walk in dentist (they do exist) and get back on track. But there are still some very basic practices you can add to your routine that will help improve the overall health of your teeth going forward. As a refresher course, here are five of them:
Diet Counts
It may sound ‘old school,’ but it’s true — a diet rich in fibrous veggies and fruits keeps your whole system healthier, and the mouth is no exception. Naturally occurring abrasive foods like broccoli, carrots or celery help stimulate production of saliva and scrub teeth, almost like brushing without the brush. For beverages, stick with water whenever possible. Diet sodas still have damaging acids, so “sugar-free” isn’t always the obvious solution it seems. Staying away from most carbonated beverages is a better strategy, and avoid drinks that can stain teeth, thus saving yourself from cosmetic dentistry cost.
Quality AND Quantity
So, the daily recommendation is brushing twice daily for a minimum of two minutes. But for the best results, you want to also make sure to brush each section of your mouth from a variety of angels, covering areas of gum and crevices where bacteria and plaque are festering. Leading dentists have long sung the praises of power toothbrush for a more thorough cleaning at home. Many of them come with timers to let you know when you’ve reached the two minute mark.
Fluoride Rinse
Fluoride is still considered an important ingredient in your defense of decaying teeth. Make sure it’s in your toothpaste and, to step it up a notch, add a fluoride rinse to your brushing regimen. And you may as well take advantage of it being in the water supply: drink tap water for an added dose.
The Space Between
Gum disease tends to get started when the tiny spaces between teeth are not regularly flossed. It’s true, especially if it’s been a while, flossing can be a bummer at first: bleeding, discomfort and bad smells are all normal experiences. But there are a number of “pick” tools on the market that might make it easier to stick with for you, not to mention the air floss systems that you can buy, which uses quick air-bursts and water drops to power plaque out of tight crevices.
Monitor Your Mouth
With all of other health concerns, keeping tabs on oral health seems to take a backseat. But keeping an eye on your teeth and gums for discolorations, discomfort, shifts — any suspect changes — will help you catch illness early, while it’s still treatable, and can also help avoid exorbitant cosmetic dentistry cost.
The best dentist in your area is going to tell you to do these things, so you may as well get started before the cost of cosmetic dentistry comes creeping up on you.
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