Do I Really Need Braces? Dangers of a Poorly-Aligned Smile

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Many people think that orthodontic braces and teeth straightening are for purely aesthetic reasons. But having misaligned teeth can actually be a severe detriment to your health in several ways.

    Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

    One of the most common problems people experience when the jaw is misaligned is temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome, or TMJD. TMJD is most prevalent in younger individuals and manifests as pain and aching in the muscles and joints of the jaw. It can cause pain or popping feelings while chewing and also lead to jaw clenching. The most severe cases of TMJD can even cause hearing loss.

    Gum and Tooth Health

    When your teeth aren’t aligned properly, it can be hard for your gums to wrap around teeth the way they’re supposed to. This can cause them to recede or decay earlier than they would otherwise. They’re also less able to protect your teeth from periodontal disease. Crooked teeth are also more prone to grinding and chipping over time. This can leave teeth more vulnerable to damage and decay.

    Straight teeth are also easier to brush and clean. When teeth aren’t being cleaned thoroughly, they’re at higher risk for cavities and disease.

    Bodily Complications

    A misaligned jaw can make speaking and chewing more difficult. When you can’t chew your food properly, it can lead to gastrointestinal problems. The increased risk of periodontal disease also comes with complications. It’s been linked to heart disease. Gum disease has a similar concerning link to diabetes.

    A poorly aligned bite can also lead to chronic headaches and even migraines. Also, the increased tendency to bite cheeks or lips while eating can lead to cuts and sores which can become infected.

Braces are a great solution for individuals with misaligned teeth. Fortunately, they don’t even have to be visible anymore. Options like Incognito braces can straighten your teeth without obstructing your smile. Incognito braces fit behind your teeth to straighten them over time.

Talk to your dentist to see if options like Incognito braces could improve your smile!
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