What Patients Really Want to Know When They Ask, “Is There A Dentist Near Me?”

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“How can I find a dentist near me?” is a question often asked by potential patients. Whether looking for a general dentist or a cosmetic dentist, patients want a dental clinic that is convenient. When patients ask, “Where is there a dentist near me?” they are often also want to know the types and variety of services offered by the dentist. More patients are interested in cosmetic dentistry, so finding a local dentist is important. Here are a few questions about finding a dentist.

Is there a cosmetic dentist near me?
The odds are there is a dentist who will offer the services a patient is seeking. With annual revenue of four billion dollars, cosmetic dentistry services are in demand. The cosmetic dental industry is growing at a rate of about two percent per year. So, dentists providing those services are adding clinics all over the United States.

What services can a dentist near me provide?
Aside from routine cleanings and exams, teeth whitening is one of the most popular services requested from a dentist. In the last five years, those procedures have increased by three hundred percent. Dental veneers are also common and are requested nearly two and a half times more frequently over the past several years. Cosmetic implants, braces, and dentures are other common procedures.

Who does the dentist near me treat?
The best dentist will treat patients of all ages. However, in the United States, adults aged twenty to fifty are those most likely to seek cosmetic dentistry. A walk in dentist appointment is unusual, but some patients desire that option and there are clinics providing on-demand services.

Good oral hygiene is a part of overall health and wellness. When patients ask, “Where is there a dentist near me?” they want a doctor who can provide all the services they need. Finding the right dentist will keep a patient smiling!
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