Which Treatments are Best for Dark Gums

Bleaching teeth

Your gums do not shine like they used to. In order to prevent the complications that gum disease, know what is gum disease and the best dark gums treatment options. Whether it is laser gum treatment or gum bleaching, the right treatments can have you feeling confident about your smile in no time.

Fully 97% of Americans say that a smile is an important social asset. The most common cause of hyperpigmentation (dark discoloration) in the gums is simply genetics. If a family member has a history of this problem, it could filter down to you. Taking care of your teeth, whether it is brushing or using fluoride rinse, can reduce your risk of gum disease. If you suspect gum disease, it is important to get to a dentist who can get you on the right treatment path. Excess melanin can build up in the gums, making them look brown or black instead of pink.

Laser gum treatments can be completed in about an hour, and most people require only a few sessions to see a remarkable difference in their gums. Laser gum lightening procedures may yield faster and longer lasting results compared to standard gum treatments. Laser gum surgery is a suitable alternative to periodontic tissue grafting. Laser gum treatment is completely tailored to the specifics of the patient. The best treatment options feature a laser that is set at predefined power levels for accurate treatment.

Gum pigmentation treatment is the most viable solution for persons suffering from gum discoloration and unsightly dark gums. The dental laser can target and ablate the melanocytes, reducing the production of melanin. Just one gum pigmentation treatment can last up to 20 years. The healing process for gum pigmentation treatment is very swift, and virtually painless. These treatments can result in a lighter and more uniform color for the gums.

If you know what is gum disease, you will be able your chances for recovery. Gum disease can lead to long-term health problems, including heart problems. Know what is gum disease and your treatment options and return your smile to its previous glory.

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