How Dentists Came into Being

Woodbridge va dentist

A modern Woodbridge VA dentist represents the height of human teeth progress. 100 years ago, half of adult North Americans were toothless. Today, thanks to Woodbridge VA dentists and other family dentists, only one in ten seniors are even missing teeth. There may even be a cosmetic dentist in fredericksburg va that represents a higher point.

How did this evolution to high quality care happen? Natural formulas do some of the work of a Woodbridge VA dentist. For instance, Gouda, Cheddar, Munster and other cheeses prevent tooth decay. That said, there are many other points in history that made a Woodbridge VA dentist possible, or even any dentist VA has to offer.

Toothpaste started as crushed bone and oyster shells used by the Greeks and Romans. Later, the Chinese made boar bristle toothbrushes in 1498, but they were not mass produced until an Englishman, William Addis, did so in 1780. A century later, a London dentist say Parisian artists use paint in collapsable tubes. Thus, Dr. Sheffield Creme Dentrifice became the first manufactured toothpaste in 1892.

A Woodbridge VA dentist has a lot to be thankful for, just like a Fredericksburg va dentist or a dentist in Montclair VA. In fact, without the weight of history, a Woodbridge VA dentist would never exist. We should all be so lucky to thank those that came before us.

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