Dentists in Kennesaw Are Dedicated to their Patients’ Dental and Oral Health

Dentists in Kennesaw devote themselves to their patients’ continued good oral and dental health. That is the reason they chose the dental profession, after all! Educational preparation for a dental career takes several years of intensive study that is not meant for the casual student. Only the most serious of candidates need apply, and that includes any of the dentists in Kennesaw. You KNOW you are in good hands.

Any of the fine dentists in Kennesaw look forward to helping families with their dental needs, hopefully for a lifetime. General practice dentists in Kennesaw see patients as young as six months of age for evidence of baby bottle tooth decay. As these children grow, their dentists in Kennesaw keep a careful eye on tooth and gum development.

General practice dentists in Kennesaw encourage regular visits for prophylactic cleanings, fluoride treatments and xrays. Early detection of dental and oral health problems offers a better chance for correction and elimination of the issues before they turn into bigger ones.

Despite their best efforts at prevention, patients do develop cavities from time to time. General practice dentists in Kennesaw offer both tooth colored composite and amalgam fillings; patients tend to choose tooth colored composite material to fill cavities in visible teeth.

When decay is too extensive for repair with filling material, dentists in kennesaw remove and replace damaged dental tissue with a specially prepared crown that restores full tooth functionality. Crown placement generally takes place over two visits, one visit to prepare a mold for the permanent crown and place a temporary one over the remaining dental tissue, the second to place the permanent crown itself.

Dentists in Kennesaw also offer cosmetic services for patients wishing to hide or remove unsightly stains, chips, cracks and uneven edges. Tooth whitening procedures remove the stains left behind after years of tobacco use and tea, coffee and cola drinking. Porcelain veneers transform ugly chips, cracks and gaps into a brilliant smile.

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