Top of the morning to you! I’m Melinda Gregory, and you’ve landed squarely on my dentist blog. How fortunate for you! I was once a pediatric dentist in Cape Verde. It was a good life. I had the finest tools, the most plushly upholstered chairs, the most inoffensive muzak, and the most palatable paintings on my walls. I specialized in Mystery Dentistry – When other dentists were stumped then they sent their patients to me. I saw a lot of interesting cases, even some that couldn’t really be explained by physics or human anatomy. Because of this I had to dabble in Occult Dentistry, an ancient and feared area of the field. I eventually had to quit practicing dentistry after a hex I’d dispelled was reflected into my aura. Best Dentist Directory is your site for finding the best dentists in your area, with the latest dentist reviews from patients like you, dental news, weather and stock quotes. The weather and stock quotes are to give you something to think about when you’re in the dentist’s chair. Happy drilling!

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