A Day In the Life of an Orthodontist

This video provides a comprehensive glimpse into the daily routine of orthodontists, such as Dr. Nate Thrives, offering viewers an insider’s perspective on the various procedures and considerations involved in orthodontic care. Dr. Nate underscores the critical role of effective communication and precise bracket placement in achieving successful outcomes for patients.

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The video captures scenes of Dr. Nate engaging with patients, explaining treatment options, and collaborating with assistants to ensure the highest standard of patient care.

A significant portion of the video focuses on the meticulous process of removing braces, emphasizing the importance of careful handling to avoid staining excess glue on the teeth. Dr. Nate demonstrates this procedure, highlighting its painless nature and the positive impact of his jovial interaction with patients during this process.

The orthodontist also sheds light on the initial examination phase, detailing how he conducts consultations and tailors orthodontic treatment plans based on individual patient needs. The importance of assessing various factors, including crowding, spacing, bites, and gums, is emphasized, with Dr. Nate highlighting the significance of understanding and communicating the available treatment options to the patient.

Throughout the video, Dr. Nate provides insights into the holistic approach he takes, showcasing adjustments, debonds, individuals in braces, and consultations. The narrative not only outlines the technical aspects of orthodontic procedures but also emphasizes the interpersonal skills and attention to detail that contribute to a successful orthodontic practice. Overall, the video offers a valuable and informative portrayal of a day in the life of an orthodontist.


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