Wisdom Teeth The Bane Of Your Existence

Wisdom teeth have been the bane of everyone’s existence for too many years to count. What are they? They are a useless set of molars that come in at the back around your adolescence stage. You are unlucky if you grow two; lucky if you only get one and supremely blessed if you get none. So what can we do about this particular burden? Can they be left alone? First, we need to understand what they can do when they come in.

Pushing The Lineup

Imagine you are in a crowd of people closely packed together. Another person decides they are going to enter the crowd as well, but because everyone is already packed close enough, you have to do your best to shuffle ever so slowly to make room for another person. Wisdom teeth are the extra persons. They try to enter your lineup of teeth, except, there is not enough room, so your teeth end up doing a slow shuffle to accommodate.

The game wisdom teeth play has no winner, but it always has losers. And the losers end up having their teeth pushed into crooked positions, when left untreated. This can lead to impacted wisdom teeth, infections and even broken teeth.

Fixing The Problem

Wisdom teeth removal usually has two outcomes: surgery or removal. Wisdom teeth removal is dependent on how your wisdom teeth are trying to come in. Are they impacted, unable to break through the gums? Oral surgery is typically done. Has the wisdom teeth broken through? Then you can probably get away with just having a tooth extraction.

The Damage Corrected

If you were unfortunate enough to have wisdom teeth come in but could not afford to invest in wisdom teeth removal, there are ways that an individual can work on correcting the damage. However, it starts with getting them removed first.

Since teeth can get crooked from the horrid event, it might be prudent to have braces applied. Braces have been used for years now and are an excellent way of slowly straightening teeth back into a fine position. This would effectively undo the damage caused by wisdom teeth.

For individuals unfortunate enough to have a few teeth break from the process, you might want to consider dental implants. Rather than having an entire row of teeth removed for fake teeth, dental implants are just that – implants of teeth. This is great for an individual who has a tooth or two missing.

In fact, the implant and prosthetic market is steadily growing. The United States alone has projections for the market to reach $6.4 billion by 2018. As for the dental implants market, it is looking like $4.2 billion by 2022 with the combined efforts of the United States and European markets. There are around 3 million Americans using implants with more and more utilizing it every year, about 500,000, to be specific. Because of their popularity, 10 percent of American dentists actually use them in their practices with more doing so as well. Not to mention the Journal of Oral Implantology has stated the success rate is sitting on 98 percent.

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