Understanding the Need for Strong Oral Health

Night mouth guards

It is unfortunate how many people suffer from poor oral health due to a lack of understanding or a lack of access to proper dental care. A recent study estimated that 26% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have untreated cavities in the United States. For children between the ages of 12 and 19, and estimated 20% are living with untreated tooth decay.

There are a variety of oral health problems people are facing on a daily basis and may not even realize it or understand the severity of the situation. Almost half of all adults in the United States have some form of gum disease. Gum diseases like gingivitis affect as much as 75% of the population in the U.S.

Another common problem many people aren?t aware of is teeth grinding and clenching. It?s been estimated that 80% of all headaches are caused by muscle tension, and a significant source of that tension for many is tooth grinding. A professor at Tufts University Scholl of Dental Medicine has stated that clenching your teeth while you sleep can put up to 300 pounds of pressure on your teeth.

A study conducted by the American Sleep Association revealed that approximately 10% of all adults and 15% of all children grind their teeth in their sleep. Teeth grinding is severe and can lead to other problems. Many don?t realize that there are relatively easy solutions to prevent and treat nearly all oral health issues.

For example, night mouth guards fitted by your dentist can stop the negative impact of nighttime grinding. Flossers or floss picks can go a long way to preventing cavities, tooth decay, and problems that lead to gum disease. While brushing is essential to maintaining oral health, it only cleans roughly 70% of your teeth. You have to floss every day to get the other 30% clean.

Children should start going to the dentist within six months of them getting their first tooth, and they should begin flossing as soon as their teeth start touching each other. Installing strong oral hygiene habits when children are young with help ensure they maintain those good habits as they get older and become adults.

You can also help your child by getting dental sealants. Currently, 30% of children between the ages of 6 and 11 have dental sealants, and the benefits of using sealants have been demonstrated so well that many districts offer programs that enable children to see a dentist and get sealants through their school. A dental sealant is a clear coat that is brushed on the teeth and dries. It works to protect the teeth from decay. Even with a dental sealant, daily brushing and flossing are essential to overall oral health.

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