cosmetic dentistAre you looking for a great dentist in the cosmetic dentistry field that you can trust? Are you tired of visiting dentists that misdiagnose you or don’t give you the level of care you deserve? Are you looking for a dentist who can help you achieve the smile results you want in a record amount of time? If you are ready to have a new smile that you can be proud of, then follow our guide for selecting a trusted dentist that can help you with everything from tooth whitening and straightening to dental implants. By doing your homework now, you’ll feel confident about your ultimate decision on a dentist – and you’ll be happier with your ultimate results.

Step #1: Check Credentials of Dentists
Have you heard of the AACD? If you haven’t it’s time to get to know the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This is the premiere professional organization for dentists, and you’ll want to choose a dentist who is part of the organization. By choosing a dentist part of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, you have the peace of mind knowing your dentist is interested in the latests advancements and technologies related to dental health. Also, do a background check on your list of dentists to make sure they all graduated from accredited dental schools. Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist about this information. Dentists who are proud of their credentials will put them online.

Step #2: Be Open and Honest at Your Consultation
Part of a successful treatment begins with your communication. Let your dentist know what you are unhappy about, and then listen to how he or she might address the issues in your mouth. Does your dentist explain things clearly? Does he or she express empathy and concern for what concerns you? Your consultation is a good first step in determining how communication will flow through the two of you as the treatment process commences.

Step #3: Ask for Before and After Photos
You’ll want to ask for before and after photos as the final step in deciding on a dentist. Cosmetics in dentistry is a specialized field requiring experience and artistry, so you want to see the most recent work of your potential dentist to determine whether what you see is what you want to see in your mouth. Don’t be afraid to ask. The dentist knows he or she is competing with others for your business.

Next Steps As You Search for your Next Great Smile
With our handy guide for selecting the right dentist for you, you are one step closer to the healthy, happy smile you’ve always wanted. Start doing your research today! Compare your local dentists against the guide, and then make your decision based upon which dentist can fulfill the most of these tips. Remember that asking for referrals is always a great place to start! Good luck in the process!

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