The Marvels of the Modern Dentures

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Even if you haven’t had the best history with taking care of your teeth, there are plenty of options available to you today that can replace and restore your teeth, giving you not only the cosmetic appeal of healthy teeth, but also the functionality of a healthy mouth in general.

For most people, the big decision when it comes to tooth restoration and/or replacement is to decide between dental implants or cosmetic dentures. Although both options give you natural-looking teeth and functionality, many people are finding that dentures are simply the best choice for them.

Modern cosmetic dentures today are a far cry away from those wooden dentures you read about in textbooks, but they are a little similar to the teeth that you may have seen sitting on your grandparents’ bathroom sink (and maybe also saw in your nightmares, depending on how young you were when you first learned that your teeth could fall out and not grow back).

Denturists usually recommend dentures, rather than implants, to people who have experienced a lot of dental decay and have fairly weak jawbones that would have trouble mending after an invasive surgery. Because cosmetic dentures aren’t permanent, it’s possible for them to slip a bit while talking and eating; the good news is that denture clinics are constantly developing new manufacturing technologies that allow dentures to be fitted as closely as possible.

And part of these manufacturing technologies means that modern cosmetic dentures are extremely customizable — everything from the gum color to the length of your new teeth can be picked out and adjusted so that your dentures look as natural as your original teeth. And it doesn’t matter if you need just a few teeth replaced, or a whole mouth replaced; cosmetic dentures today are more affordable than ever, and they provide long-lasting dental solutions that might just look and feel better than your original teeth. Read more here.

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