Have You Lost One or More of Your Teeth? You May Seek Out a Cosmetic Dentist

Chicopee dental implant mini

Are you concerned that the quality of your smile is not up to par? The solution could be something as simple as comparing various teeth whitening prices from affordable cosmetic dentistry professionals in your area. It may be that you have a tooth that is chipped or the front surface of the tooth is otherwise compromised. In that case, getting veneers may be most wise.

Yet another common issue is that of a tooth that is lost altogether. This can be the result of a sudden accident or sports injury, but it can also stem from leaving areas of dental decay unfixed. Over 20% of Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 deal with this latter complication.

In any of these instances, getting cosmetic dental implants may be the best route. As opposed to dentures, which are not as long-lasting and require for vigilant maintenance–including refitting–the cosmetic dental surgery of implants leads to a much more durable set of teeth that function, feel, and look much closer to real teeth.

The procedure itself entails inserting a root made of titanium into the jaw, placing a cap or abutment on top of the root, and then fastening the porcelain crown so that it is securely fitted over the abutment.

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