A dentist directory is a compiled and published service provided to the public. It may resemble a phone book but is better since it is built for both national and international basis. The services provided by this directory are not referral hence it does not provide or arrange for the provision of the dental services.  It should be noted that this directory is not responsible for the endorsement, guaranteeing and even warranting qualifications, the licence and abilities that any of the individuals or an organisation describes in the directory.

The services this individuals offer and their products are not checked by the directory. So for this reason it should be noted that a person is solely responsible when it comes to reviewing the qualifications of the dentists that provide them with the said services. You are also responsible for determining the services and the products that the dental provider recommends to you.

In the event that there is a problem that arises out of having chosen from the dentist directory a dentist or products that won’t work with you, note that the directory is not responsible for anything. This is because the information that is contained in the dentist directory is from the professionals and they may sometimes lie. The directory won’t be able to know when a professional lies, thus is not responsible for verification of the information that is fed into it. The information may be inaccurate or sometimes incomplete.

The information that you are always bound to find in the dentist directory is always up to date. In the event that an individual claims to be very experienced and has all the knowledge that a dentist needs to know, the directory may not be able to verify all this information. The directory investigates all the individuals and organisation that feed data inside them but it may be unable to investigate all the things. This is why it is not responsible for all the things that may be listed in it and after exploring them we find that some of the information is not true.

The directory can help you to catch the culprits but there is no assurance. For this and many reasons, you should always be more careful when it comes to dealing with these directories so that you may not end up in a trap that could end up consuming a lot of your money.

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