Role of Emergency Dentists
Role of Emergency Dentists
Have you been in an accident where you knocked out two of your teeth? Or had an awful toothache that kept you from sleeping all night?
Brighten Your Smile by Visiting a Great Dentist
Brighten Your Smile by Visiting a Great Dentist
The hardest surface in the human body is, perhaps not surprisingly, tooth enamel.
A Brief Guide to Help You Find the Right Dentist
A Brief Guide to Help You Find the Right Dentist
About a century ago, missing a tooth was not that uncommon. In fact, about half of all adults were toothless! However, improvements in dentistry,
High Quality Dental Care Is Essential
High Quality Dental Care Is Essential
Did you know that teeth are unique, just like fingerprints? Even identical twins do not have identical sets of teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry By the Numbers

Cosmetic dental work is an industry that has grown exponentially in the past few years, and by using new dental technologies, cosmetic dentist offices can provide services like whitening, tooth reshaping, and dental implants and dentures (just to name a few). Research shows that nearly all Americans — 99.7% — believe that an attractive smile is an important physical aspect in social interactions, and about 75% of adults believe that an unattractive smile could actually hurt their career. So just

Why Cosmetic Dentistry is the Biggest Trend for Teeth

As dental technologies have gradually improved over the years, a new form of dentistry has emerged that focuses on improving the appearance of discolored, broken, misshapen or missing teeth. And with the emergence of cosmetic dentistry has come a resurgence in the desire to improve one’s smile. Today, about three out of four people say they believe an unattractive smile can actually harm one’s chances for a successful career. As a result, the use of dental veneers alone has risen

Sensitive Teeth What Causes Them, and How You Can Reduce Their Effects

Millions of people deal with the painful effects of sensitive teeth every day. When you have sensitive teeth, eating certain foods or even a simple breath of cold air can send a sharp, sudden pain shooting down the nerve of your tooth. But what causes dental sensitivity? Brushing your teeth too hard, grinding your teeth and tooth decay are among the most common factors behind tooth sensitivity. Luckily, you can make small changes to your everyday routine that will make

4 Common Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the best things about getting your teeth whitened is improving your confidence. Lots of people have cosmetic surgery procedures at their local dentist, and it’s awesome because it’s available to so many people. There are over 30% of adults over age 75 who don’t have any teeth left, but this is a thing of the past. People who are looking for things like natural looking dentures or permanent dentures can now get these procedures at their local dentist.

Three Simple DIY Tricks for Naturally Whiter Teeth You’ll Love Showing Off

Pretty much everyone — an astonishing 99.7% of people — say that a smile is one of the most essential social assets we have. So if your teeth are discolored or stained, it can be hard to feel successful when interacting with others. Usually, people who have dental discoloration will seek out the help of a professional, especially in cases of severely-darkened teeth caused by genetics, antibiotics or smoking. However, a professional teeth whitening procedure might not be something you

10 Tips for How to Find a Good Dentist

Hopefully, finding a dentist will result in a relationship that lasts for the long haul, since you’re really after the best dentist you can find. In short, the selection process for a good local dentist has important implications for you and your family. The American Dental Association (ADA) offers four suggestions to begin your search in finding a dentist: Ask family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers for their recommendations. Ask your family doctor or local pharmacist. If you’re moving, ask your

Five Steps to Better Oral Health

With the focus on cosmetic dental procedures and the high cosmetic dentistry cost, it almost seems like focus on basic oral care has permanently shifted to ways in which we can correct mistakes we’ve already made. If you’re concerned about your teeth, find a good dentist in your area, maybe even a walk in dentist (they do exist) and get back on track. But there are still some very basic practices you can add to your routine that will help

Need to Find a Good Dentist? Check Out Dentist Ratings

Taking good care of your teeth is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Brushing your teeth everyday and flossing regularly are necessary for your teeth’s well being. However, taking care of your teeth by yourself is not enough. Going to a dentist at least once a year is recommended for the proper maintenance of your teeth. Need to find a dentist then? You should consult dentist ratings first before you rush to a dentist

The Marvels of the Modern Dentures

Even if you haven’t had the best history with taking care of your teeth, there are plenty of options available to you today that can replace and restore your teeth, giving you not only the cosmetic appeal of healthy teeth, but also the functionality of a healthy mouth in general. For most people, the big decision when it comes to tooth restoration and/or replacement is to decide between dental implants or cosmetic dentures. Although both options give you natural-looking teeth