Dental implants

997 Percent of Americans Think a Healthy Smile is Important – How You Can Keep Yours as Healthy as Can Be

Look, a perfect smile takes perfect practice and maintenance. That’s why so few people actually have perfect smiles. A lot of Americans probably think they’re lacking in orthodontic hygiene or don’t take good enough care of their smiles. While that claim can partially be supported, your mouth and the mouth of the average American are actually in pretty great shape. It’s a combination of poor dental hygiene (when it does show up) and mostly social anxiety regarding our smiles that

Have You Been Flossing? Things You Should Really be Thinking About Before Heading to the Dentist

Everyone knows the classic trip to the dentist questions: “Have you been flossing?” and “Do you brush twice a day?” Of course you answer yes to both, but are you really giving thought to other dental issues that need attention? Nearly 178 million people in the U.S. alone are missing at least one tooth. Whether this was caused by injury or another dental issue, implants can be the solution! Recent surveys have shown that as many as 3 million adults

Benefits Of The All-on-Four Dental Procedure

There is a technique available to dental patients to end edentulism. This is a condition of having missing teeth. Edentulism could be used to describe either a partial or total loss of teeth. All-on-four implant is a surgical procedure that has been designed to provide permanent teeth to replace upper or lower teeth. The procedure is often recommended for patients who have substantial tooth loss and decay. These will be individuals who have a substantial bone loss in their jaw.

Get Amazing Cosmetic Dentistry Results!

In light of the amazing advances in teeth whitening and dental implants over the last couple decades, today’s cosmetic dentistry before and after photos clearly illustrate how realistic implants have become. Perhaps more unbelievable than the aesthetic realism is the affordable cost of teeth whitening and dental implants. While both of the above cosmetic dentistry procedures are becoming more popular by the year, dental implants might be the fastest growing of all cosmetic dentistry procedures. Given the fact that teeth