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What You Need to Know to Keep your Dental Practice Ahead of the Game

Dental web marketing is a fast paced and highly competitive game that every dental office must play. Keeping your dental practice on the cutting edge of marketing is not easy, especially when considering the many other stresses that a business owner must deal with. But I am here to tell you a little secret about online marketing that can help your dental practice be one step ahead of the competition: it is search engine optimization. SEO is a phenomenon that

The Top Three Reasons that Internet Marketing is Very Much Worth the Effort

There are a lot of reasons that dentists begin to do their advertising and marketing work online. Dental marketing isn’t as complicated as it seems though; those motivations can be simplified down to three major benefits. Here are three ways that dental web marketing systems benefit from web marketing: 1. Online Marketing Really, Really Pays Off On Its Investments Of all the motivations to move to dental web marketing, perhaps the most concrete one is the monetary gain. Even just

You May Want to Use SEO Marketing for Your Dental Practice

Are you a dentist with your own practice? If you’re concerned about maintaining patients and growing your practice, you may want to consider a new patient marketing system that utilizes dentist SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, can be incorporated into a dental web marketing system in order to achieve a higher ranking for your best dental websites on search engines such as Bing and Google. The goal is for your site to become more visible to prospective patients so

Having A Strong Social Media Presence Can Make All the Difference For A Small Business

Many businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that social media marketing can offer them. One type of business that can really take advantage of social media is dental offices. Dentists need to maintain a good course of communication with patients and potential patients and social media is a great way to do this. Taking advantage of dental web marketing can help bring in new dental patients. Many dentists over look the design of their dental website. This combined with

The Importance of Dental SEO and Business Success

Dentists who find that they are lacking in new dental patients need to look at their web presence. Most people use the internet to look for services and goods. In fact, Pew Internet indicates that 58% of people have researched a specific service online before they made a decision on the services they wanted to utilize. The internet not only helps with research, but it allows people to find professionals in their area quickly and easily. Phone books and other

Essential Dental Web Marketing Systems

Depending on the source, anywhere from 51% to 64% of the United States population considers the internet their primary source for researching businesses. Whichever of these percentages you consider more plausible, the fact is that all enterprises need to prioritize their business websites if they hope to be around several years down the road. According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, roughly 58% of the American population has used the internet to research merchandise or services

The Leading Dental Website Solutions

According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau Statistics, over 81% of the United States population now uses the internet. As of February 20, 2014, that amounts to about 257.2 million Americans using the internet on a regular basis. When it comes to the internet habits of American web users, recent studies have shown that nearly two-thirds of those web users consider the internet their primary source for researching businesses. This means that more than half the United States population goes