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Missing Teeth? Need Dentures? Learn More About Your Options

While Americans do care about their teeth and how they look, many people across the United States are missing at least a few teeth. Nearly all Americans say that having a good looking smile is important for social success. About 99.7% of people in the United States have said this. Nearly three-quarters of us think that a bad looking smile can hurt someone’s career. Yet, millions of people across the country are missing teeth. The good news is that there

Why Cosmetic Dentistry is the Biggest Trend for Teeth

As dental technologies have gradually improved over the years, a new form of dentistry has emerged that focuses on improving the appearance of discolored, broken, misshapen or missing teeth. And with the emergence of cosmetic dentistry has come a resurgence in the desire to improve one’s smile. Today, about three out of four people say they believe an unattractive smile can actually harm one’s chances for a successful career. As a result, the use of dental veneers alone has risen

Replacing Teeth Then and Now

Time was, if you lost a tooth, you had a hole in your smile. End of story. But even in antiquity, our ancestors didn’t want it to be that way. The skeleton of an ancient Mayan woman was found with a bit of shell hammered into her jaw, and an ancient Chinese skeleton was found with a tooth-shaped cutting of bamboo serving as a tooth crown. Clearly, both of these cases point to an interest in cosmetic dentistry that spans