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Missing Teeth? Need Dentures? Learn More About Your Options

While Americans do care about their teeth and how they look, many people across the United States are missing at least a few teeth. Nearly all Americans say that having a good looking smile is important for social success. About 99.7% of people in the United States have said this. Nearly three-quarters of us think that a bad looking smile can hurt someone’s career. Yet, millions of people across the country are missing teeth. The good news is that there

Tired Of Yellow And Dented Teeth? There’s A Porcelain Lumineer For That

When’s the last time you’ve been to the dentist office? It can be easy to neglect little issues like an aching tooth or sensitive gums, but small problems can become major pains if you don’t check in with a family dentist. These medical professionals work night and day to provide people with the care they need to eat, talk and smile with confidence. From aesthetically pleasing veneers to necessary dental implants, there’s an option for every mouth and a solution

Does A Family Dentistry Offer Full Scope Care?

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that nearly all Americans believe that their smile is an important part of their social image. As a population, we will spend 1.4 billion dollars on cosmetic dentistry each year. That equates to approximately $5000 to $6000 per cosmetic dentistry patient to improve their smile. Three quarters of the people who responded to a research poll feel that an unattractive smile could harm their chances for a successful career. Clearly, our smile is