Everything You Should Know About Invisalign 3 Frequently Asked Questions

A great smile can have a huge impact on your life. In fact, more than two thirds of adults believe that an unattractive smile can have a negative impact on their life, even hurting career and relationship success. That’s why it can be so essential to make sure that teens and young adults get the proper dental care as their skulls and mouth continue to develop and grow. Many adults today have crooked smiles because they did not get braces

Your Shiny Teeth and You – What To Know if You’re Considering Teeth Whitening

Despite the abundance of commercials we’re bombarded with, most people probably don’t think about how good their teeth look. That is, until you see a picture, or are getting ready for a big event. Then the yellow-ish tint seems to cast a grimy veil over everything else. It’s a natural occurrence. Unless you brush constantly, your teeth won’t be perfectly white (and even then, yellowing is just a natural part of aging). Nonetheless, a good one third of patients are