Family dentistry

How Dental Crowns Can Help with Chronic Mouth Pain

Dental crowns are basically prosthetic teeth that a dentist uses to replace one or more infected or damaged teeth. During surgery or a root canal, which is usually an outpatient same-day procedure, the dentist makes repairs and cleans out any infection from the existing tooth. Then, the dental crown is “cemented” onto the tooth to protect it and improve its appearance. Besides repairing a fractured or an infected tooth, reasons for needing dental crowns vary. These range from resolving chronic

Pros and Cons to Getting Veneers Over Your Natural Teeth

If you end up getting gum disease or tooth decay or something that wreaks havoc on your smile, there are various cosmetic dentistry surgeries that you can undergo in order to replace those missing teeth. Among others, a type of procedure that can be done is to get porcelain veneers placed over your existing teeth. You don’t have to remove your teeth in order to put them on. In fact, it’s better if you do not. Veneers are very popular

I Am Self-Conscious About My Smile, What Can I Do To Improve It?

When considering any kind of dental procedure, you need to make sure you have your dental care financing in order. To improve their smile, a cosmetic dentistry patient will spend between $5000 to $6000 on average. Many believe this is an investment in their career because 75% of people think a smile that is unattractive could have a major impact on the success of their career. Once you have your dental care financing in order, your next step is to