Dental implants all on four

Benefits Of The All-on-Four Dental Procedure

There is a technique available to dental patients to end edentulism. This is a condition of having missing teeth. Edentulism could be used to describe either a partial or total loss of teeth. All-on-four implant is a surgical procedure that has been designed to provide permanent teeth to replace upper or lower teeth. The procedure is often recommended for patients who have substantial tooth loss and decay. These will be individuals who have a substantial bone loss in their jaw.

The Top Three Reasons You Should Be Afraid for Your Teeth

People tend to be complacent and satisfied with their teeth care habits, but that complacency may be a trap. Here are three facts that will make you worry about your teeth: 1. You May Already Have Cavities You may have started reading this article feeling fairly confident about your teeth, but that may change when you realize that one in five people in the United States currently have untreated cavities. Given how easily one can obtain a filling or some