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What’s Scarier Than Going to the Dentist? NOT Going

The latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders officially lists odontophobia as recognized disorder. Does that mean you’re off the hook for being scared to go to the dentist? Absolutely not. You may have had an absolutely terrifying dental experience as a child. You may have gotten your fear from your parents, who’ve had their own bad experiences. Or you might simply have watched too many horror movies from the ’80s. There’s nothing that says your

Deciding On New Teeth is No Trivial Task

If you are missing multiple teeth or you feel self-conscious about the teeth you do have, you’ve probably already started considering the different dental procedures available and found that the two most common solutions are dentures and dental implants. But now you may be wondering, what are the major differences between them? And which one is better? The most obvious difference is that dentures are removable and implants are permanent. Dentures may seem like the simpler option because there is