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Benefits Of The All-on-Four Dental Procedure

There is a technique available to dental patients to end edentulism. This is a condition of having missing teeth. Edentulism could be used to describe either a partial or total loss of teeth. All-on-four implant is a surgical procedure that has been designed to provide permanent teeth to replace upper or lower teeth. The procedure is often recommended for patients who have substantial tooth loss and decay. These will be individuals who have a substantial bone loss in their jaw.

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Teeth

Did you know that about three-quarters of American adults believe a quality smile attracts the opposite sex? For the most part, natural dental care is inexpensive dental care, and taking care of your teeth is a great way to make yourself attractive to the opposite sex. However, according to the NIDC, the average American aged 20 to 64 has about 13.65 decayed or missing surfaces on their teeth. Fortunately, in 2014, there are a bevy of options for affordable cosmetic